14 October 2008

fairies at the bottom of the garden...

or at least in abundance on LP's bookshelf.... she is my little 6 yr old fairy-loving girl.
We have 2 favourite series currently - the Fairy Realm series by Emily Rodda, and the Faraway Fairies series by Eleanor Coombe.

In the Fairy Realm series we meet Jessie who, with her mother, moves in with her grandmother. Here, in the garden of Blue Moon, Jessie finds a secret entrance to the fairy realm. There she meets a fairy queen, unicorns, miniature horses, elves and gnomes. Jessie also discovers something about her grandmother - she is in fact the true fairy queen who married a mortal. All the stories in the series are enchanting. Our edition of the series was published by ABC, and the books have wonderfully big print which makes it easier for a young reader who is just starting to read independently, or for a new reader to start following along by picking out odd words.


These are the stories of the fairies and other creatures living on Faraway Island. The stories are entertaining, the print is easy to read, and there are many black and white illustrations for your child to enjoy. The series is also supported by a website where there are activities to go along with the books.

What I enjoy the most is the Australian flavour of the books. It is the first time I have come across fairies in the same stories as wattlemen, bunyips and yowies! They all live among the gum-trees of Faraway Island along with a dragon, pookas, trows and goblins.

Happy reading!

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